Invasion of Ideas

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Student’s Name Tutor’s Name Course Date. The Invasion of Ideas Shelly Palmer's article The Invasion of Ideas is an opinion piece on how ideas have become the most significant enemy in this technologically advanced world. Through critical thinking, the author makes his intentions explicit to the reader by describing the concepts and quoting reliable sources. One can fully understand the psychological and political aspects of the war which form the basis of the article. For many years propaganda which is mostly fake news has been used to cause conflicts by changing how people think. Social media has been vital since it comprises of four groups of people; those who come up with ideas and post, those who share by retweeting, the supporters and those who execute the instructions. It follows that if the ideators come up with false information, then everyone on social media will believe it through the memes. Unfortunately, such fake news causes the deaths like what happened in the London Bridge Attack and other terror activities (Palmer). Fecundity is the only alternative to end the social media deaths. Invading the society with many good ideas and programming it in a way that overwhelms the lousy information that causes conflict. How an idea spreads is very important. For example, in the business world, communicating a good notion determines its success. Therefore, one should carefully choose the language and craft a message that is expected to have a positive impact. From the article, it is clear that the mind is a strong weapon. It can be manipulated depending on the ideas it receives. The power of social media can also not be ignored. It is however up to us

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