introductions to database information systems 2

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Name: Instructor’s Name: Course Details: Date of Submission: Introduction To Information Systems. 4-1; The categories that describe the nature of information resources can be considered as structural, non-structural and half-structured and the characteristics that distinguish them are accuracy, precision, completeness, consistency, timeliness , duplication and bias. 4-2; Metadata can be defined as information about data as it clarifies the nature of information and definitions of metadata in structured information are such as fields, tables and how they relate to each other while for semi-structured and unstructured information, the metadata defines properties of a document or source that is useful in fragmenting the information which is less categorized. 4-3; The characteristics of information that affect quality are accuracy (example being birth certificates and pricing have to be exact, or the quality of information is lost), precision (one can not round up a survey number), completeness (zip-codes cannot help without an address accompanying it), consistency (when people generate different reports they create different definitions), timeliness (outdated information has less value than up-to-date information). 4-4; The early design approaches to managing information relied upon the utilization of tables, records, and fields where all attempts to hold digital information resource in file processing systems with each department having their own data management system. 4-; The major disadvantages of file processing systems are data redundancy, lack of data integration, inconsistent data definitions and data dependence. 4-6; The three architectural emergences

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