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Name:Instructor: Course: Date: Environmental Unknown Project Microbiology is a wide science that encompasses the study of bacterial biology, fungi, protozoa, and viruses. Moreover, this branch of science focuses mainly on organisms’ pathogenic potential that causes disease in man. Some aspects of physiology, biochemistry, and genetics of microorganisms are also covered under this science. Microorganisms such as bacteria are everywhere and are also part of our ecosystem (Borneman 1940). Therefore, since we encounter these microorganisms in all places, it is essential to identify them. Whether it is testing if a type of food is safe to ingest, to research on causes of a disease or just to understand what is present in a given ecosystem, scientists have come up with numerous techniques of identifying bacteria and other microorganisms. The term isolation in microbiology is used to refer to the methods used to separate strains from a natural population of mixed living microbes that can be seen in the environment. Many reasons have been identified to explain the reason why microbiologists identify microorganisms. They range from comprehending immune functions and infectious diseases to understand the relationship between human and microbes. One major reason that explains why microbiologists conduct isolation is to understand the world of microbes and how microbes interact with their environment. Isolation is vital in isolating pure bacteria colonies. Subsequently, the purpose of isolation procedure is usually complex: First, the process is done to get a clear comprehension on the ways to use techniques of microbiology learned in the laboratory and classroom

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