Intorduction to Information Systems

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Name: Instructor’s Name: Course Details: Date of Submission: Introduction To Information Systems. 1-1; The six primary roles that information systems play in organisations are managing operations, decision making, collaboration and teamwork, strategic initiatives gaining competitive advantage and individual productivity. 1-2; The difference between data and information is that information is facts connected to form a full meaning while data refers to particular facts that form pieces of information. 1-3; The three characteristics that make information valuable are timeliness, preciseness and completeness. 1-4; The four components of an information system are people, technology, processes and data. 1-5; Information systems are essential to managers in a variety of functional units in that it helps to streamline processes, reduce costs, increase revenue which is fundamental to success. 1-6; The functional areas that are common to most information technology departments are data centre operations, telecommunications and networks services and end-user support with a help desk. 1-7; The role of the chief information officer is to oversee the I.T. department and help shape the organisation’s strategic goals to ensure that the information systems support the company. 1-8; Information systems have set off in a game-changing innovation to organise the world's information which is a daunting task. It also poses a significant risk to privacy. 2-1; There are five competitive forces that shape industry. They are the threat to a new entrant, the power of buyers, the power of suppliers, the risk of substitute products and rivalry among competitors. 2-2; External

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