Interviewing Candidates for Employment

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I always had the belief that an interviewee cannot determine the amount of salary he or she can get when he or she is called upon to undergo an interview before being given a job. I have always believed this for a long time since most people are always fond of being paid the little amount as compared to the work they always do in a company. However, my belief came to change when I met my mentor who was working in a consultancy firm in Atlanta. She challenged my belief, pointing out that a professional is entitled to a negotiated contract and salary, not a specified salary. I tried to challenger her since most of some of my friends who had some part-time jobs were given a specific amount of salaries that were not negotiated. She points out that many people are fond of working in a field that they are not specialized. This usually makes the employers take advantage to manipulate these people since they are not professionals in that particular field. She says that many professionals often negotiate their salaries with the employers to ensure that both parties are satisfied. Moreover, most people in the modern day society are very desperate to find a job for themselves, but they do not have time to evaluate themselves and the skills that they posses. However, she says that some people tend to quote large sums of money that do not match the tasks they are required to do. In such cases, the company interviewers are likely to reject your application despite being professionally qualified. Negotiations are very important in a professional person’s interview since one is required to know how to evaluate him or herself and come up with particular terms that may suit him or her.

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