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interview-prof-schwarzer.html). Der Berliner Professor Schwarzer erklärte zum Beispiel in einem Interview, dass eine erfolgreiche Kommunikation, die dabei die Fähigkeiten des Menschen anspricht und nicht nur die Risiken abzieht, unmittelbar wichtig ist ('s-interview-prof-schwarzer.html). Schwarzer merkt außerdem an, dass viele Menschen keine Motivation brauchen, weil sie eigenständig zum gesunden Leben motiviert sind. Bei den hochmotivierten Menschen fehlen aber meistens 2 Eigenschaften: Organisation und Selbstwirksamkeitserwartung (Schwarzer, 2010). Die Organisation ist dabei mit einem Plan verbunden und muss dennoch...

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INTERVIEW CONTENT (I said, he said) STUDENT’S GUT LEVEL FEELINGS CLIENTS FEELING IDETIFY INTERVENTION & MAJOR THEMES I said, “ I want the kid to comprehend how to explain themselves, for instance when asking permission to the teacher on how she is feeling hungry,” I wanted the care taker of the SCO institution discuss what she thinks are Jose Problems Smiling Analyzing the situation and getting a unique perspective on the challenges of the kids from the poor families. I strived to help the care taker and the child to understand one another. The major themes were Jose not following instructions of care giver....

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interview. The interviewer asked the participants ten questions in which she gave her thoughts and ideas. This interview was recorded in the script. The participant showed mastery in the meaning of social engagement and demonstrated that she was part of it. She had social circles of friends ranging from family to workplace and outside work. She often communicated with her friends either in person or through the phone. She had close friends such as Marlin, whom they could open up and share everything that happened in their lives. They shared a lot in common with her friends who are of same age, immigrants too and faced same struggles in life. She experienced changes in social interactions as she...