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Community Violence and the Disempowerment of High School Latino Adolescents IntroductionA human develops systematically, which means that every event that happens in their life will determine the consequent outlook of their life. Most developmental psychologists agree that events in early childhood are crucial in later development. Childhood through Adolescence is a critical developmental stage where personalities are formed. This character becomes the basis for an individual to use for survival in later stages of life. The author of the book “The Risk of Education’ gives a particularly interesting analogy for this. According to him when a child is born, he is equated to a mountaineer preparing to go and climb a mountain. All those around him, especially those who love him will put everything they think he needs in his bag. Later in his excursion, whenever he encounters a challenge, the mountaineer will look inside his bag to discover what was placed inside that can be used to solve the problem. (Giussani, 2001) This is the same with young people. In their childhood, the adults and their immediate society provide all the necessary things they require for the future. What happens when the circumstance in that society do not provide for the adequate skills needed to survive? In some circumstances, the environment is not only incapable of offering essential support but contributes negatively to the youth’s capability of acquitting the information independently. (Giussani, 2001) In his theory of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud demonstrated the relevance of events that occur in early life to an individual. Freud classified the human mind into three divisions which

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