Intersectionality in Social Inequalities

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To, All my classmates who are desirous to end all forms of discriminations in our society Intersectionality in Social Inequalities My classmates, allow me to address you on this ever burdening matter in our society, discrimination. In so doing, I will illustrate how various forms of social oppressions interconnect or overlap on a particular social group or person. I will start by illustrating my understanding of the concept of Intersectionality and its significance in comprehending social inequalities. Intersectionality Intersectionality is a concept which defines the way a person might encounter several discriminatory practices if his or her identity intersects several minority categories, for instance, tribe, sex, age, culture as well as other characterizations. A case in point is where a black female encounters sexism in an office that may be mixed by slight yet insidious racial discrimination. This illustration may be extended further. The above female worker may be trans-gendered and thus may encounter an extremely high degree of prejudice as well as risks of violence. Using intersectionality to analyze this experience it might not be difficult to understand the reason the woman encounter anti-transgender discrimination, sexism as well as racial discrimination. Moreover, because of unawareness of transgender identity, she may also encounter homophobia. Intersectionality has been customarily related to females but also males experience the phenomena of intersecting minority condition. Significance of Using Intersectionality in Understanding Social Inequalities Before the invention of the term intersectionality, Lorde first acknowledged it when she described the

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