Interracial mariages/relationships and how cultural diversity plays out in interpersonal relationships

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Part one: Lost in Paradise To what extent can you relate to Ken? How so? I relate with Ken because of the cultural constraints that interfere with his life. In as much as he wants to accommodate Kim's family, they do not give his space for the same. I understand Ken's frustrations because Kim seems indifferent toward his feelings. Also, it was quite unfair for Kim to make such rash decisions without consulting with Ken, her husband. To what extent can you relate to Kim? How so? Much as Kim may have been frustrated by Ken’s actions, I do not agree with her approach. It is wrong for her to alienate Ken by conversing in Chinese, a language that he does not understand (Novinger, 2001). She is only focused on pleasing her parents at Ken’s expense. Kim portrays narcissistic behavior by ignoring Ken’s requests and expecting to make all the decisions in their household. She should have handled the situation in a different manner by catering to both Ken and her parents. Can you draw upon any real-life intimate relationship examples (involving yourself or your family members) that have had caused you tremendous relationship frustrations and stress? Are any of them related to cultural, ethnic, gender, religion, or sexual orientation issues? A few years ago, I experienced a familial feud due to my cousin’s sexual orientation. He is like my best friend, and his happiness is important to me. Randall came out as a gay, and his parents threw him out of the house. They called all our relatives and informed them about their "disappointment", and it was quite sad that my parents did not dispute. Randall reached me, and I sneaked him into my room for almost two weeks. When

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