Interpersonal communication in action

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Interpersonal Communication in Action Name Institution Affiliation The receiving stage is mainly concerned with the hearing of the information from the speaker. During the receiving stage, the receiver has to filter out the incoming messages that contain a mixture of destructors or noise so that the intended message is received as required ("Stages of Listening", 2012). For example, when one attends a political rally, there are several noises that come from the people who are attending the rally even though the main intention is to get the speech being made by the politician. In this case, however, the best way in which the listener can improve the way in which s/he receives the information is through the making a good preparation to listen (Alsop, 2011). The preparation can be done by having a good sitting position where there are limited destructors. The listener can also improve the effectiveness of receiving a message by differentiating between the noise and the intentional message that is intended. The listener should also pay attention to the signals and the turn-taking that the speaker makes so that s/he can follow the flow of the conversation (Alsop, 2011). Paying of the attention can be done by maintaining good eye contact with the speaker. The maintaining of the eye contact also helps in having a good view of the gestures that are used by the speaker. The listener can also improve the receiving of information through avoiding interrupting the speaker when in the processes of giving his/her points. The listener should also direct his/her concentration to the specific and important information that s/he is intended to hear and not the destructors. This

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