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Name: Instructor’s Name: Course: Date: The Internet Abstract In a historical perspective, since its introduction for public use in the 1990s, the Internet has established itself as a principal medium of communication and creating awareness. Its independence from government control makes it an effective tool for political activism and advocacy. The popular belief is that the internet is for everyone. However, time and again, the Internet has faces threats of censorship from various governments around the world. For example, various states like the People’s Republic of China have extensively attained a degree of regulatory power over their citizens’ Internet usage. Consequently, this has created fears that one day this powerful resource will fall into the hands of government control. It is, therefore, our reconcilability to ensure that this will not happen. In short, this paper tackles the particulars of the issues by painting a brief background of the origin of the Internet while highlighting the degree to which the power of the Internet extends. Additionally, this only serves to enhance the fight against governments taking over control of the Internet. Keywords: Internet, Control, Democracy, Information, Communication, Internet, freedom, and politics The Internet The part played by the Internet, in cultivating and supporting a just society cannot be doubted. The Internet assumes a hegemonic capacity in our lives. More so, a drastic change in our way of life has been witnessed in the last several decades majorly due to the revolution of the internet. Today, the popularity and interactivity the Internet and World Wide Web have to offer have restructured

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