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Adult Learners Student’s Name Institution Adult LearnersAdult learners portray various characteristics that are different when compared to other groups of learners such as the millennials. These traits influence the methods of effective adult learning processes. One of the characteristics of adult learners entails setting personal schedules since adults are responsible for their lives, they are aware that not succeeding in their education can cost them in regards to opportunities, resources and time; this makes them more dedicated towards their studies. Also, adults engage in learning due to a sense of purpose; they are aware of precisely what they will get through enrolling in a particular course. Another characteristic of adult learners is that they go beyond the theory of what they learn, they try to find out ways in which the newly acquired information can be implemented in real life. Their best method of learning is through learning by doing (Pappas, 2018). Adults combine multiple disciplines that offer different forms of knowledge; topics that affect their personal life experience are easy to understand for them. Learning for adults is inspired by results, if they are learning something useful, they will continue with the process. Lastly, adults have tight schedules due to their demanding routines such balancing between work, family and their education. The information provided in this article offers useful information that makes it possible for the reader to understand why adults behave the way they do when it comes to learning; this makes it a good article. Adult learners are more experienced than any group of learners; the information is, therefore,

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