internet impact on social interaction

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Social Impacts of Internet The internet has become an essential tool for communication, business, and popular culture in almost all parts of the globe. Communications based on computer mediation has a broad range of supporters as well as critics. Some people hold the notion that the internet is resulting in isolation, impersonal communications, and loss of privacy. On the other hand, others hold the opinion that the internet is a pedagogical tool that can change the way public education is conducted (Bargh & Katelyn 578). However, studies have revealed that the internet is an impartial social tool that has more than a few positive possibilities. Nonetheless, the amazing growth and expansion of Internet are not without issues. Of primary significant is the probable impact of computer-mediated communications and internet on the quality and nature of social interactions on the young population. In the contemporary world, it is clearly seen that individuals are spending a significant amount of their time on the internet. This has as well significantly reduced the amount of time they spend with real people. While the internet has massively brought communication to a whole new level, it has also detrimentally impacted on the type and amount of social interaction that occurs. Studies indicate that social media has become an excellent place for people who are introverts to find comfort when they are communicating or interacting with other people. In terms of improved communication, internet benefits can clearly be seen because loads of individuals are connected all around the world.

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