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Native Americans Historical Land Battle Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Abstract The “West,” a documented series of episodes addressing the Native American land stretching along the Mississippi River. The region attracted new settlers from Europe and Asia continent. The Spanish, British, French, Russian, and Chinese were the key interested settlers along the Mississippi River. The settlement in the Native American’s land has posed history revocation whereby the archeological practices and religious activities interfere. Moreover, this action forced the settlers to move towards the uplands away from the river. The documentary has a shown series of activities that integrated the settlement of new settlers in the regions despite the strong history of the land. The land has heroic history and people whose treasure was linked to the landscape. However, the coming of new settlers was a complete opposite of the situation in the region between the years1806-1850. The new settlers with the divide and rule strategy affecting the Native Americans. The Federal Government being the source of all pressure brought about the attacks and the forceful move of the Indian Americans. Native Americans Historical Land Battle Introduction This episode introduces the Beautiful land of Mississippi and their original settlers. The set up was in the year 1806 elaborating the American settlement stretching from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean. Further, the settlement extends from the northern plains over to the Rio Grande with an approximate land of 2 million miles squared with the extraordinary landscape. The land stretch along the broad Mississippi River

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