International human resources management

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International human resources management is currently faced with many challenges especially in dealing with a multinational corporation. Yarden Mex is one of the leading casual dining chain of Mexican restaurants which has its headquarters in Sweden. The business has prospered, and It has subsidiaries in developed and developing economies. Some of the challenges that have been facing three of its subsidiaries are fall in sales and increase in the staff turnover rates, and the firm is looking for ways to address these issues. The firm has plans to transfer headquarters which are based in Sweden to its subsidiaries which are an activity that is likely to trigger another set of challenges in the process. Further, the company has plans to transfer MNC policy on recruitment and selection to the subsidiaries (Doirean Wilson 3 ). This move is regarded as the standardization between the subsidiaries and the headquarters of the Yarden Mex. These process of standardization is very challenging because of cultural differences, diversity, economic, institutional, and economic which may be challenging to the human resources. The paper seeks to explicitly expound on diversity issues in the three countries through use literature on the issue of selection and recruitment in the subsidiaries. The paper will also incorporate theories related to talent management, cross-cultural management, international business, international human resource management, and global diversity issues. The paper will also address the challenges that are faced in the development of the glocal talent management as well as the challenges faced in the development of the glocal diversity management development

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