International Development Economics

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International Development Economics My passion for International Development was ignited by my various travels and adventures after high school. Since I was born and raised in the urban Mainland China, my parents encouraged me to go and explore the world. I have been to various places and have met people from different backgrounds since my teenage years. I have been to luxurious metropolitan cities, and to poor rural villages too. I remember from a volunteer experience, seeing young kids in the countryside running towards me because I was holding a pouch with all kinds of simple stationery they have never seen before, with some treating my pen as some delicate treasure. From my travels, I got to experience and witness the hard life that low-income peasants endure in rural China and all over the world. Furthermore, I saw the inherent failure of monetary donations in regards to improving the lives of the poor and marginalized. With a significant percent of these impoverished people being denied their fundamental rights, such as access to cheap education and other social amenities, I took it upon myself to implement the change I wanted to see. For instance, by the time I was 17-years old; I had hosted several school-wide fundraising events for the needy and founded a student organization called ‘Social Practice Club’ to help the underprivileged kids in rural areas. I firmly believed that donating money to the needy is no panacea and there must exist better ways to help the poor in the long run, and hence I wanted to learn and do more. Therefore, I chose to study “Agricultural, Consumer Economics” at the “University of Illinois” at “Urbana-Champaign”,

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