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International Business Discussion: Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Society for Human Resource Management. (2015). Understanding Workplace Culture Globally. Society for Human Resource Management. Having a global mindset is imperative for today’s organizations especially ones that engage in international business transactions. The Understanding Workplace Culture Globally article expounds on the importance of leaders to understand global cultures, especially at the workplace. Understandingly, cultures vary from one area to another which becomes more diverse when these regions are further apart and around the globe. These diversities, therefore, means that companies that wish to participate in global trades must, therefore, learn to understand and embrace these differences for effective functioning and continued growth. Several behaviors by managers and organizational practices can present hurdles to the efficient progress of intercultural competence. Society of Human Resource Management (2015) suggests that an organization that inadequately attempts to employ and retain diverse talent impacts negatively on its cultural competence. Stereotypical suppositions about competency and a “we” versus “them” outlook also affect the development of intercultural capabilities (Society of Human Resource Management 2015). It is also important for corporations to avoid a top-bottom leadership style as well as prejudiced employment practices as these affect successful intercultural relations (Society of Human Resource Management 2015). Leaders also need to understand and promote culture awareness among its workforce and product content or marketing methods and

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