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Intermodalism Name Institution Intermodalism Intermodal is characterized by the shipment of freight in an intermodal container, using different methods of transportation, without handling the cargo when shifting these forms of transport. Consequently, intermodalism entails the coordination of a series of transportation methods between the starting point and destination of the load as well as various shifts between modes. The primary objective of intermodalism is to link transport systems that cannot connect since they service different regions (Goldberg, 2009). Therefore, the main criteria for intermodalism to work are the presence of various forms of carriers along with the initial nature of the freight. In other words, the freight transfer exchanges the modes haulage from its initial and destination, starting with the road then the rail and lastly maritime. Consequently, certain cargos tend to be more appropriate for this intermodal transportation as opposed to others due to various reasons. Notably, the changes occurring between different modes expose the cargo to physical damage, theft and loss. As such, special protection is required to facilitate such the organization of goods. Therefore, containerized goods are more suitable for intermodalism as opposed to open and unprotected goods. Containerization is a process whereby loads are stored in a container (Rodrigue & Slack, 2016). This increases the speed of handling the cargo, management, flexibility since it can be used for different types of goods and lastly the security. Subsequently, considering the value of the consignment is paramount when deciding on intermodalism. High-value cargos increase

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