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Interior Design Questions The unit of art and technology in Moholy-Nagy’s acrylic sculptures The Mohogoly-Nagy's initial abstract paintings had shapes that geometrically opaque. The shapes, themselves were reminiscent of paintings of Kazimir Malevich Suprematist. On the other hand, Composition A19 reveals of developing above reach of that style that fits within the interests and forms of transparency. His earlier paintings had enlarged and doubled cross motif. On the same note, there were red and black crossbeams that had an overlap with each other though with varying degrees of translucency. Figure 1: Moholy-Nagy, acrylic sculptures, 1945 The reason for Fuller’s Dymaxion car, 1933 and alternative design for it Fuller had great ambitions for the Dymaxion that consisted planning to add jet style flight in cases where engines and suitable alloys. However, like a car of the future was not must abandon the ground and cause astonishment but it represented a great step in automotive engineering. According to those who saw the car despite being invented in the 1930s, was indeed a representation of the tomorrow's the car. At a later date, an option that came into being for the Dymaxion was the Chrysler. The inventors of the Chrysler had a belief that it could overtake the Dymaxion's market plus also outwit the model of vehicles already in the market. Figure 2: R. Buckminster Fuller, Dymaxion Car, 1933 Analysis of Raymond's interior design of NASA Skylab 1967-73 regarding the Maya Stage NASA made consultations with Loewy in the late sixties and early seventies. The objective of the consultations was to come up with manned spacecraft such as Skylab Workshop that would

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