Interference in the EFL classroom

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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Corse Title: Date: Interference in the EFL Classroom Introduction Huang (1143) argue that when people learn English as a foreign language they experience transfer problems originating from the influence of their first languages. For instance, they may experience issues with pronunciation and/ or spelling. The mother tongue language is known to have a significant effect on the second language, especially English. However, the transfer errors are revealed when people pronounce English words with their mother tongue accent. According to Murad and Mahmood (476), language transfer can take place in both formal and informal setting. The transfer errors do not depend on the location or platform of transfer. The errors may be shallow where the individual pronouncing or spelling some learnt English words is understood by keen listeners. In this regard, most of the features in the English words are maintained and the errors may be on silent letters or the word order. However, the EFL learner may exhibit severe transfer interference that distorts the intended meaning of words or sentences. For instance, the individual may have problems with differentiating the word here versus hear, effect versus affect and write versus right in addition to applying the punctuation marks appropriately. When severe language interference occurs, the learners need to incorporate other means of communication such as signs and facial expressions to pass the intended message (Ahmed 13). In this regard, it is important to provide a basic analysis of the EFL transfer errors to provide a forum for further research on the topic. Phonological Interference This

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