Intercultural scenario within an organizational context

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INTERCULTURAL SCENARIO WITHIN AN ORGANIZATION Name Institution Introduction For most organizations to function effectively, the management is supposed to establish a culture that members of staff will embrace and adapt to aptly. To comprehend the concept, it is vital to know that culture includes deeds that add value to the exceptional psychological and social surrounding of an organization. Culture, especially in a business-oriented organization, signifies the standards, principle and values of members and how they conduct their activities. It is an outcome of aspects such as the type of staff members, history of the company, merchandise, technology, and market or target audience among others. Most importantly it involves a corporation’s values, customs, language, assumptions, beliefs, and habits. According to Harrison and Carroll (2006), in a business environment, they refer to it as a corporate or company culture. It determines the function-ability of employees and the kind of dedication they will portray. If the culture enhances a friendly working environment, hard work and loyalty from staff members becomes apparent. Precisely speaking the culture of an organization shapes the way activities get conducted and determines the achievements the company is bound to attain. Due to that, it is important for organizations to establish cultures that are positive and appealing to employees because they are usually motivated and satisfied when their values and wants go hand in hand with those depicted in the organization’s culture. In any organization, a culture is a powerful tool that shapes the environment of the workplace, relationship with other members and

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