Intercultural Dating

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Intercultural Dating Name: Institution Affiliations: Intercultural dating Introduction Culture is a system of same beliefs values, and it continually evolves and changing across the whole world. Intercultural dating is having a relationship with someone from a different ethnic group/culture. Religious beliefs, language, eating habits and socialization are among the characteristics. This may sometimes seem harder as the two involved parties should learn how to change and adapt to each other's way of life. Dating across different cultures may sometimes mean having entirely different dating habits which may in turn clash when marriages are arranged. This paper discusses intercultural dating, its benefits and challenges that are faced by the couples (Keels & Harris, 2014). Intercultural communicative issues Intercultural dating may not be too familiar and sometimes feared by people, but it is one of the best dating types. According to studies carried out in the USA, it was observed that white men date less intercultural compared to their black mates. This kind of dating is facilitated by education as is found mostly in colleges and is brought about by the imbalance of ethnic groups. Before one dating outside of their culture, they should first study and understand intercultural dating in real depth. Though other people outside cross-cultural dating may view it as a more complex issue, the couples involved see big rewards in it. Although there are a lot of factors to be considered when trying out intercultural dating as all of them may not end up well. Advancement in communication has also aided in intercultural dating as it is now easy for two people with

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