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INTELLIGENCE QUOTIENT Matt Ridley’s book (1999), 6th chapter gives some insights on measurement of the IQ as a basis for determining who is smart and who is not. The chapter focuses primarily on ways of measuring IQ developed over years since 1920 and their fallacies, predisposing the said investigative ideas to excuses of creating avenues for discriminating one individual from the next. The chapter discusses heavily the suitability of using IQ to determine the kinds of treatment an individual receives such as education, jobs as in the case of people serving in militaries among other platforms from the other individual (Ridley). Since that time, science has undergone evolution as human beings, mostly through genetic studies continue to discover more about the human body. It remains true, however, that the gene expressing intelligence in humans may occur at chromosome six. Recent studies still find it challenging to locate the most specific gene or genes associated with intelligence as it is purported to be a complex trait that varies greatly from one individual to the other (Oommen). Factors influencing intelligence have however been expanded since 1999. It had been determined since 1920 that intelligence was not only a trait affected by genes but also by other factors such as the womb and the general environment after birth (nature and nurture). The studies by 1999 conclude that intelligence is influenced on a huge percentage genetically and there were numerous tests on twins across the years conducted to prove this point. This percentage has however decreased as more learned discoveries about the human behavior is continued to be studied. Factors influencing

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