Intelligence Gathering Using a TIME Analysis

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Intelligence Gathering Using a TIME Analysis Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Intelligence Gathering Using a TIME Analysis Sonic is a local company in the United States competing in the fast food industry by offering the so call ‘eat in your car service’ that has seen it establish its niche. The sonic food menu includes chili dogs, onion rings, corn dogs, French fries, and hamburgers. In addition, there are a variety of drinks such as milkshakes, slushies, and soft drinks, as well as banana splits or sundaes being ice cream desserts. Furthermore, Sonic restaurant offers a unique service which allows the customers to drive into their drive-in locations and make a food order through a speaker then a carhop delivers the food. This service is designed to fit the company’s name of Sonic Drive-In. Currently, of all industries that exist, the food industry is growing at a very high rate and having a high competition from the already established dominants and the many new companies being established. Unfortunately, the Sonic restaurant is in existence during this time and hence it has to put into place strong strategies to compete in the highly unpredictable market. Sonic food chain faces stiff competition from some giant companies in its field of operation such as, McDonald's, Wendys Company, and Burger King which have local and international operations as opposed to its operations which are focused on local market only. The fast food industry can be easily assessed using the ‘Threat of New Entry’ as one of the Porters five forces. Research has shown that the fast food industry has the strengths of the companies weakened by frequent entry into the

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