Intellectual Property

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Intellectual Property Name Institutional Affiliation I agree with the statement that for non-commercial purposes and where proper attributions have been made, intellectual properties should be shared freely. The aim of any research is to advance knowledge pertinent to a particular field. Published articles often contain some level of groundbreaking principles (Moore & Ellsworth, 2014). However, these principles are limited to time and space. The discoveries made are dependent on the environment within which the article is written. For the advancement of knowledge, it is in the interest of scholars that these principles are used as the foundation for other discoveries. Free sharing of intellectual property enables newer researchers to review what has already been achieved in various topics and, therefore, build on them to invent even better theories and technologies. Sharing these properties freely gives each researcher equal opportunities regardless of their social economic realities. However, it would be unjust to use another person’s research as if it was one’s work. Plagiarism is unethical as it denies real owners of intellectual property the recognition they deserve for their contribution to research. This is why a call is made for proper attributions which recognize those on whose shoulders the current research is based. In future, more intellectual properties will be shared freely. Sources of materials will become open for more individuals. However, the enhancement of copyright policies will become more stringent. Many internet sites are dedicated to providing learners with free resources (Wiley et al., 2014). This forces closed sites to make

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