Integrated Philosophy and Analysis of Personal Leadership

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Integrated Philosophy and Analysis of Personal Leadership Name: Institution: Introduction Leadership can be explained in terms of knowledge, social judgment, and problem-solving skills. This article focuses on leadership styles such as; intercultural, charisma and ability to predict the future. It also reviews the strengths and weaknesses of this kind of model interpretation while relating closely to the leaderships skills of the POTUS Barrack Obama. I believe that this sort of model may provide a possible view for understanding a leader’s performance. Leadership skills are summoned from within an individual, for instance, President Barrack Obama charmed the votes out of the Americans due with his charismatic nature. In the same light, the same traits that one person exhibits can exist within many other individuals. They just need to practice how to invoke the qualities when required to. People may need to exercise their leadership skills when ruminating about serious issues or when carrying out their responsibilities. Leadership, therefore, becomes a somewhat flexible idea centering on behaviors that motivate the group functions (Schaetti, Ramsey & Watanabe, 2008). The “philosophy of leadership development of the past is not adequate anymore in dealing with the” difficult problems in the contemporary communities and organization (Schaetti, Ramsey & Watanabe, 2008). This philosophy holds an assumption that leadership is entirely based on persons who are capable of influencing and inspiring the rest to be better. Traditionally, leadership was seen as an interpersonal interaction between subordinates and their leaders. The leadership

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