Institutional Racism

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Institutional Racism Institutional racism was mainly propagated by the social institutions in the United States and the established political institutions where mainly the blacks were discriminated because of their color. This form of discrimination was actively supported by these institutions namely the government and social institutions, the unions that to a large extent demeaned the blacks through denying them access to wealth. Blacks had poor education, housing, and lacked a sound political voice thus making it difficult for them to acquire wealth but at the same time be economically vulnerable. Several events in the United States actively contributed to the promotion of institutional racism. The events are described below and how they affected the wealth distribution among the African Americans. This paper, therefore, sort to outline how the timeline of events described below aided the promotion of unequal distribution of wealth and to what extend the inequality was actively aided by institutional racism. In 1935, the U.S Congress through its mandate adopted the creation of the security fund. Through the fund, many retiring workers were protected whereby they could have access to funds after retiring. However, the social security was discriminatory in that it only covered the high paying jobs, but the lower jobs like those for agricultural workers and the servants who worked domestically were excluded. A majority of these workers were blacks. The discriminated Africans had little opportunity to save due to the low-paying jobs, and as such upon retirement, most of them were vulnerable to severe economic conditions like depression. This form of Institutional racism

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