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Institutional Affiliations Different people have tried to explain the origin of the word ‘ok.' Many documents indicate that it gained popularity in the mid-nineteenth century. However, there is no historical or linguistic evidence when it surfaced. Some historical sources associate it to the Scottish expression och aye, where other claim it originated from the Greek term ola kala that means ‘it is good.' There are other words that have similar pronunciation to ok such as the indian oke or okeh that means ‘it is so’, the French aux cayes (derived from Cayes, a port in Haiti with a history of good rum) or au quai which was a language used by the French dockers. A more justifiable source is that used in the US in the early 1830s. it is indicated that the word was a misspelling of the statement ‘all correct’. After that it was used as a slogan by the Democratic Party in the 1840s election. The presidential candidate was then Old Kinderhook whose initials reflected ok. As a result, people chanted the short form throughout the campaign that referred his as the suitable candidate for presidency. It led to the formation of the OK club that definitely popularized the word. Further, the world was used by the black slaves who originated from West Africa. They used it to mean ‘all right or yes indeed.' This also seems a plausible explanation. According to the Oxford dictionary, the word ok is used to denote an expression of assent, acceptance or agreement. Most people use it to indicate that something is alright, well, good or fair enough. However, it has other connoted meanings such as to indicate authorization or approval. An example is when a manager indicates the

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