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Therapeutic Treatment of Insomnia Name: Institutional Affiliation: Course: Date: In medicine, Insomnia is described as a sleeping disorder, which can cause difficulties in sleeping or may make one to wake up very early before getting enough sleep and he or she may find it difficult to sleep again (Espie, 2002). Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a type of treatment that is used in the effective treatment of Insomnia and is the most popular treatment method that is recommended first before other methods. Unlike the sleeping pills, cognitive behavioral therapy can help an Insomnia victim overcome the underlying causes of their sleep-related issues (Espie, 2002). A cognitive behavioral therapy allows a victim to acknowledge and change his or her beliefs that may affect his or her ability to sleep ("Sleep Problems (Insomnia) in the Cancer Patient | OncoLink", 2016). Through this therapy one is able to eliminate or control the negative impressions and agony that may keep him or her awake. Moreover, this therapy enables one to develop better-sleeping patterns and avoid those conducts that may keep him or her from sleeping well (Publications, 2016). The cognitive behavioral therapy has been very effective in alleviating the daytime symptoms in insomnia victims. Insomnia patients with long term sleeping problems are usually advised to use the non-pharmacological therapies since they have greater advantages to the victim as compared to the use of sleeping pills ("Sleep Problems (Insomnia) in the Cancer Patient | OncoLink", 2016). This therapy underlies the causes of lack of sleep rather than just relieving the symptoms at that particular moment. Studies indicate that

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