Insecurity and racial pride

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Insecurity and racial pride. The initial reaction concerning the image was a view of the artist being judgmental regarding black women’s preference to beauty. The artist is critical and one-sided in presenting views relating to the use of weave by black women since every woman has a unique way of defining beauty regardless of their race and the amount of money they spend. The image shows a Korean family with some text written on the left side criticizing black women who buy weave from shop owners of Korean decent. From the text, the assumption is that such women help in funding college education for the children of the shop owners. Also, the image reveals the view that black women use weaves since they have poor self-images of themselves. Therefore, the artist's primary intent in creating the image was to disclose the inner stereotypes faced by black women based on their choices and view of beauty. Additionally, the artist addresses the problem of internal racism that is evident in a multicultural society since a black woman buying hair from the Korean shops does not necessarily imply that they have self-hate or low self-esteem. Considering the nature of the image, it is possible that the artist is a young man of color who was trying to pass a message to black women regarding the use of weave. The man is probably a youth who wanted to blame black women for not having pride in their race. Since a view is developed of black women financing the education of the Korean children, it seems the man is from a middle-class social setting and is greatly concerned with the financial obligation of black women to their children’s

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