Ingredients of Happiness

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Ingredients of Happiness The first ingredient of happiness is the peace of mind. This is the greatest human good. People strive for the peace of mind throughout their lives. The peace of mind is required in all circumstances for a happy life and optimal performance of every human association, including the organizations (Chaffee, 2015, p. 287). The second ingredient is energy and health. These relate to the normal and natural physical condition of a person, the same way the peace of mind connects to the normal and natural mental situation of an individual. Furthermore, loving relationship is an ingredient of happiness. This includes an association with persons one loves and cares about and those who love and care about him or her, as well. The relationships are real indications of how one is doing as a human creature. Also, the financial freedom is an ingredient of happiness. Having enough funds is among the most significant duties and goals of one’s life (Chaffee, 2015, p. 288). It is necessary for one’s self-advancement and to the attainment of any other valuable objective. The personal fulfillment is another ingredient of happiness. This refers to a feeling that one is becoming everything he or she wishes to achieve. It is the achievement of one’s full capacity as a human being. Achieving Genuine Happiness Being grateful is a way of achieving genuine happiness. One needs to be appreciative for everything. He or she needs to show gratitude in his or her life every day. Also, one should see every time as a gift and enjoy that moment fully (Chaffee, 2015, p. 289). Every moment of one’s life should be perceived as a unique gift. Happiness can be achieved via

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