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Informed Consent Name of Student Name of Institution Conceptual Framework Moral standards revolve around any conduct or behavior that is accepted in the society. Working as a nurse within the health industry requires them to have certain characteristics that affirm their moral standards (Woods, 2014; Kumra et al., 2014; Disch, 2014). For instance; principles such as nonmaleficence are necessary in nursing to ensure that no harm is caused on the patients (Cooper & Gosnell, 2015). The nurses should uphold their moral standards to eliminate any chance(s) of interfering with the patients’ well-being. If at all a practitioner in the nursing world engages in deliberate or non-deliberate harm of their patients; it is classified as unprofessional and lacking of moral standards. The nurses’ moral standards, in fact, demand them to ensure that patients in the emergency room have their medication(s) for pain. Proper behavior that is acceptable in different societies constitutes the conceptual framework of moral standards. Work Environment I have encountered an ethical dilemma that would have cost my job. Sexual harassment within the field of nursing is a commonality as workers have experienced the same (Wilson, 2013). It is unfortunate that I constantly witnessed some employees sexually harassing their fellow colleagues and ‘winning’ their silence through blackmailing techniques. Obviously; as a leader, I felt that this was a dilemma since most of these cases are often left in oblivion. Such ethical concerns lead to the creation of a hostile work environment which works to the disadvantage of other employees (Martin, 2014). Both female and male nurses are

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