Information Processing Approach

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Information Processing Approach Introduction The idea that age plays a paramount role in the development of cognitive skills is correct. The more individuals grow older, so as their speed of processing information increases. This is because their brains are more advanced compared to children. Attention is also different depending on age with children and infants. Information processing approach explains analyses how human being encodes, manipulate, monitor information and create strategies to handle the information. The approach also states that the effective information processing involves three elements like thinking, memory and attention. Body Consequently, the approach also explains that in the development of cognitive approach, there are three mechanisms of change that works together in the encoding process. This is explained as the process in which the information is received in the memory, atomicity. This is also the ability to process information with ease or little effort and strategy. Furthermore, it is also described as the creation of new procedure to process the information (Santrock, 224). In summary, the information processing approach describes the process of developing cognitive skills as having a simple model of three stages, that is, attention, memory, and thinking. Encoding is an Activity between Attention and Memory In order to understand this approach, I did unobtrusive observation study using students learning in a school as subjects. In early stages of the learning process of a child, the teacher concentrates on teaching them simple things such as naming objects. The teacher points on an object and the children are expected to recognize it or name

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