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Information Literacy Author. Institution According to psychological research, there is a correlation between alcoholism and adult relationships. Research shows that children born to alcoholic parents mostly end up in unhealthy love relationships as adults (Belkins, 2007, p.23) Sarah Belkins (2007) observed that children with alcoholic parents end up in unhealthy grown-up relationships (p.23). Research shows that children who come from families with alcoholic parents often end up in unhealthy loving adult relationships (Belkins, 2007, p.23). Raymond Smith (2011), recommends professional medical supervision to those who wish to follow “a diet of 1000 calories or less in a day” (p.125). Those who wish to observe a diet of less than a thousand calories a day are advised to first seek consultation with a medical practitioner (Smith, 2011, p.125). When it comes to healthy living, many people opt to follow a strict diet mostly 1000 calories or less in a day. However, Raymond Smith (2011) advises that medical intervention from a professional should be sought before one follows this path (p.125). There are many ways of losing weight. However, sustainable weight loss is accomplished by strictly observing a balanced diet and frequently being involved in physical exercises (Henks and Smanke, 2015, para.12). Henks and Smanke (2015) recommend a healthy diet and regular exercising to those who want to maintain a sustainable weight loss, which entails losing weight slowly (para.12). According to Henks and Smanke (2015), sustainable weight loss is achieved merely by having discipline in observing a healthy diet and being actively involved in regular exercises

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