Information Literacy Reflection

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Information Literacy Reflection Name Institution Date Information Literacy Reflection Personally, research has always helped me to point out false claims that surround private issues at hand. The significance of this is that it helps make good decisions. In my academic studies, research has helped me to understand the subjects that I am studying deeper. My personal and academic research experience is dependent on the nature of the research project. Project research is both qualitative and quantitative. The qualitative part of research methods includes the area of study literature review and field trip participant observation. During the study, respondents are selected by the researchers before participant observation engagement. After gathering information, results are used to cluster for easy identification in quantitative form. The qualitative and quantitative combination lead to a report that is concluded in responding to the general research question. The primary research objective is to learn social and cultural events to understand the reason different people behave uniquely. Besides, research help to uncover reality through observation and measures. Research helps us to build and test various theories in an empirical way. The fundamental core of a research project is the research question. It enables the researcher to determine research project methodologies. On the other hand, research question guide all inquiry, analysis, and reporting stages(Harrison, 2014). The main purpose of literature review in research is to create a theoretical framework for the research topic. Literature review explains the terminologies and the key terms of a research project.

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