Information Fallout Project

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Name of the Author: Instructor: Course: 24th November 2016 Information Fallout Project Question 1 What are some reasons that looking at the *context* of the Director’s message invalidated that message? The Directors information should have a valid relevance over the self-serving through the critical thinking and evaluation. Thus, in the case of irrelevant ideology by the Director, the self-mind should revoke the trust on information without solid evidence. Moreover, the self-reasoning researcher should consider the repercussions of the directors’ information. A final finding in this context of director’ message validity is the self-independent individual looking at the relevance of the idea, the consequences of the notion, and the trustworthiness of the concept. Question 2 What are some reasons that looking at the *creation process* invalidated the Internet Troll’s message? The creation process requires reliability on a research topic regarding the previous reviews and investigations approved over the years. Therefore, the internet troll’s messages with anonymous research have less trust on establishing a valid research statement. Consequently, to gain trust on information requires several reviews with rational ideology over time that support the research. Question 3 What are some reasons that *asking questions* invalidated the Talk Show Host’s message? Asking question on a study purposely is to provide substantial evidence that strongly supports the argument. However, the questions may invalidate the study due to a new finding from the research which may be unexploited fully. Nevertheless, the research could lack supporting ideology whereby

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