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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course: Date: Henrik Ibsen One hundred and ten years after his death, Henrik Johan Ibsen is still considered one of the greatest playwrights of the 19th Century. He is thought of so highly that others regard him and his works as only second to William Shakespeare. Considering the standards that the English playwright set, Ibsen is very well accomplished. Some of Henrik Ibsen’s most prominent works include A Doll’s House, An Enemy of the People and The Vikings of Helgeland. Ibsen was a central figure of the Norwegian Renaissance that occurred towards the end of the 19th Century that also included other prominent artists such as the painter Edvard Munch. Perhaps what made his plays so successful was the fact that he drew inspiration from his life story. He grew up surrounded by poverty and attempted to study medicine before he quit to concentrate on writing. The following essay will highlight the success of the author and illustrate just how influential both he and his works were. One of the most salient features of Ibsen’s works was that many of them were tragic comedies. The term “tragicomedies” would later be coined to show an amalgamation of the two genres in a single literary work. He was one of the first authors to use the concept of the antihero. By definition, an antihero is a leading character in a work of art such as a film or a novel who does not possess the typical attributes of an archetypal hero. He specialized in using the normal or average person as the protagonist in his works. A perfect illustration would be Dr. Stockmann in his play An Enemy of the People. The most prominent thing about the doctor

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