Influential Personality

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Influential Personality Fame and fortune have taken over the minds of humankind where everyone hopes to rise in publicity. Everyone aspires to be successful and live a glamorous life that is void of societal struggles and other hurdles that derail success. There are several positive aspects related with a popular lifestyle which is under persistent media scrutiny. A popular lifestyle may seem far-fetched to both onlookers and the person in question, but there are several challenges related to maintaining a despicable public figure (Kaufman, James, and Joanne, 71). Living such a life is a calling that prompts an individual to assume the face of the society by being a role model. A popular lifestyle not only influences the youth to aspire to greatness but also places the success bar higher for those who wish to emerge triumphant in a dynamic universe. The primary role of the media is to emancipate the public on various activities that ensue in the society. The popular and prominent figures in the society influence the life of many individuals on different grounds. The background of a person is pivotal in determining their social life and how the society perceives them (Marshall, 56). The poor receive minimal media attention, and this is only during critical instances that require collective attention. However, the rich are more fortunate and are a reference point for the media even on issues which do not require attention. Their wealth, affluence, and power are the driving force to the perception which the society has continuously held (Kaufman, James, and Joanne, 71). They are manipulative, and their wealth is the focal point of concern. However, their families are not

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