Industry revolution

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XXXXX YYYYY ZZZZZZ 10 November 2016 How did children suffer during the Industrial Revolution? Part 1 -What factors, described by Scriver would make the children’s work difficult and dangerous? They used children because of the tight spaces inside the mines. Often times they worked with little natural light or air. They had to crawl in these muddy damp and dark holes on their hands and knees and in their stomachs in some cases. This gave them little wiggle room and they passed by every improperly supported shaft that was prone to cave-ins. These conditions seriously lack the safety measures, which are the gold standard for mine safety, today. Mine owners simply had a concept of employee safety. Workers were part of the business, just like the shovels and ropes.-Although horses would be able to haul much heavier loads of coal, why would some mine owners prefer to employ children to ‘hurry’ the load? It was the size of the shaft, which prevented adults or horses from entering and pull back the ore car. Adults or horses could not fit in those small shafts. Again a horribly difficult job, the smallest children had the job of a “hurrier.” These were children of six to eight years. Their job was one of the worst in the mining business. They were the human packhorse of the mining industry. They dragged an oar car in and out of the mines. These children could fit in the small shafts. It was a matter of necessity because of the size of the shaft. They travelled as much as a mile inside to get the ore and dragged it back outside. These were deplorable conditions for anybody to work under, much less a small child. These children did not live very long, even if

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