Industry and company reports.

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Industry and Company Reports: Tesla Name Institutional Affiliation Industry and Company Reports: Tesla The automobile industry is highly competitive. Companies are forced to implement a variety of strategies to enable them to remain relevant in the market. However, a majority of the companies in the industry have identified the need to link with a particular clientele to help protect their market niches. For instance, a majority of the people are now going for eco-friendly vehicles because of rising environmental concerns. A typical case of a company producing eco-friendly cars is Tesla Role of Generic Strategies to Tesla Most of the automobile companies rely on dealer networks to help market their products. Conversely, Tesla pursues a differentiated selling strategy for its vehicles whereby customers can book its vehicles online without necessarily having to visit any of its dealers (Moritz, Redlich, Krenz, Buxbaum-Conradi & Wulfsberg, 2015). Evidence indicates that the generic competitive strategy adopted by Tesla is a game changer for the automobile industry (Mangram, 2012). The company's generic strategy illuminates its focus on the use of intensive strategies that would help spearhead the growth of the firm. The intensive growth strategies have also been instrumental in enabling Tesla consistently improve in popularity as well as the company's profitability. Tesla's generic strategy has played a key role in enabling the firm to maintain a competitive advantage amongst its peers in the industry. Consequently, its corresponding intensive strategies have been instrumental in supporting organizational growth and hence enabling the company to increases

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