Inductive and Deductive Reasoning

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Inductive and Deductive Reasoning Student’s Name Student ID Professor’s Name Course Title Date of Submission Abstract Deductive and inductive reasoning are both used to complement each other in research. These methods have their pros and cons which must be considered before using them. Deductive reasoning is a dependable method since it is not flexible. Only one hypothesis is used in this approach and therefore when the hypothesis is true, the inferences will also be true. The fault of the deductive approach is that it does not allow for thoughts. On the other hand, the inductive approach is flexible and therefore it accommodates thoughts, and it can, therefore, be adjusted to them. The disadvantage of this approach is that sometimes it can be misleading due to many ideas and hypotheses that are used. It is vital for researchers to use both of these methods since both of them have merits and demerits that can be overcome when both of them are used. The deductive approach is effective in can be the best method when validating knowledge to improve practice since nursing is a scientific field. Inductive reasoning uses the inductive method to validate knowledge. The inductive method is a process that involves making numerous observations until the researcher feels confident that the knowledge gained can be used to make generalizations as well as predictions from the observations. On the other hand, deductive reasoning employees the deductive method. A researcher who uses the deductive method starts first with creating a hypothesis and then tries to test the accuracy of the hypothesis. The deductive

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