Individuals With Learning Disabilities

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In these cases, schools which consider children with articulation errors, language problems, and fluency disorders possess communication disorder are legally correct. The reason to this argument is because the definition of learning disability provided in the Federal Register of December 1977 incorporates these characteristics outlined above rendering the children disabled (Levine, 2009). According to the definition the articulation errors, language problems, and fluency disorders are represented in the statement which describes learning disability to be a disorder that is manifested through faulty listening, speaking, reading, writing, spelling or incorrect mathematical calculations. The adoption of the definition into the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act has provided pivotal support to the schools which consider the problems (articulation errors, language problems, and fluency disorder) outlined above to be enough to rule out a child with learning disability (Gargiulo, 2015, Ch. 6). The above criteria, even though legally represented in modern versions of learning disability definitions, it is not substantial enough to rely on to facilitate and pull out children out of regular kindergarten and first-grade classes to seek guidance from a speech therapist. A more rich definition was adopted in 1986 by the Learning Disability Association of America, but it was seen to emphasize more on similar aspects associated with learning disability as the earlier definition put into the paper in federal register (Gargiulo, 2015, Ch. 11). In this enriched definition, learning disabilities are considered to be chronic conditions of most probable neurological disorders. These

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