Individual: Network Fundamentals Paper

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Network Characteristics and Components <Name> <College> <Course> Professor: <> Date: <> Abstract In the field of technology, a network refers to a series of points that are connected by communication paths. A network ensures that information can be transferred from one location to another effectively and securely. Whole Foods market, has several branches that are located all over the country. Therefore, an appropriate network is vital to ensure that information can be distributed among the branches and also among the clients who order their products through the online platform. This paper discusses the fundamental characteristics and components of the company’s network. The company’s network has several vital features that ensure the smooth running of the services offered. The network features include resilience, high scalability, agility, and security. Security is one of the crucial components that guarantees that the clients and company’s information is safe from hackers. Whole Foods market network has several important components that include, servers, clients, transmission media, shared data and the network interface card. Other vital components comprise of the local operating system, switches, and hubs. Network Characteristics and Components Whole Foods market, is an American supermarket that completely deals with natural foods without artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. The supermarket is a certified organic grocer thus it guarantees the organic integrity of the products from the time they arrive at the stores until they are sold. The company purchases its products from different local and global producers.

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