Individual: Network Analysis Paper

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Network Analysis <Name> <College> <Course> Professor: <> Date: <> Network Analysis The importance of communication protocols. Communication protocols refer to the official portrayals of digital data layouts and guidelines. The protocols are essential in the exchange of information amid computing systems and are necessary for telecommunications. Communication rules are applied in both hardware and software systems and are used in both analog and digital messages. Whole food market network has communication procedures which are vital in covering verification, fault detection, and rectification and signaling (Kerschbaum, 2009). Also, the communication guidelines describe the harmonization and syntax of the system. Conclusively, communication protocols organize everything when the computers are communicating with each other. Protocols in the design and rationale for the decision. Communication protocols are standard ways of transferring and processing information from one location to another. The whole food market network uses Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). The two protocols are different, but they are linked together since their individual function are complementary, and therefore they carry out the complete task. This process of joining some protocols to carry out a specific activity is known as a stack. TCP refers to the process of creating data packets and putting them together in the correct manner. And ensuring that no data packets are lost during the transmission process (Fall, 2011). Normally, when data is transferred through the internet, it is usually broken into smaller pieces, a process that

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