Individual: LAN/WAN Paper

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LAN/WAN Paper Student Name Institution Affiliation The organization chosen for this research is Whole Foods Market. The organization is potent for research into the type of networks that would be feasible for the implementation of a safe, secure, and reliable internet connected network. The paper delves into the hardware and software needed to secure the network selected as implemented within the organization. The paper also delves into a comparison between LANs, WANs, and wireless networks. This can be achieved by also explaining the concepts of modern day data communication networks. This will involve explaining switches, routers, and cabling used in such networks in the context of the network selected for the aforementioned organization. Securing a given network from electronic threats requires strategic implementation of hardware that is specific in the identification and prevention of the said threats. One of the most common hardware implemented for this is the router. The hardware does not function alone; it is paired up with the appropriate software that would serve the technical aspect of detection and prevention (Mir, 2014). CISCO has also been found to implement its own intrusion prevention hardware that may incorporate smart switches that are only allowed to let certain types of information through them. Hardware is also segmented by implementing certain topologies that only provide access to certain sections of a network thus acting as preventative measures. The software used to provide the system with protection against electronic threats includes antivirus, antimalware, firewalls, virtual private network systems, and web security applications.

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