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Individual Algorithm/Task List Firstname Lastname University Name Individual Algorithm/Task List Situation The steps a salesperson takes at the counter of a general store when a customer brings the selected items to the counter. Algorithm Step 1: Greet the Customer Step 2: Open the receipt application on computer Step 3: Select the new invoice option Step 4: Scan an item on the counter using the scanner Step 5: Check screen if the item is added to the invoice Step 6: Repeat step 4 and 5 till all items have been scanned Step 7: Check the total amount calculated for the items and tell the customer Step 8: Take a shopping bag from the counter shelf Step 9: Select an item from the counter and add it to the bag Step 10: Repeat Step 9 till all items are in the bag Step 11: If the customer pays cash then receive cash from the customer Step 11a: If the amount is less than the total amount Step 11a: Ask for the remaining amount Step 11b: Repeat Step 11a, 11b and 11c Step 11b: If the amount is more than the total amount Step 11b-1: Enter the amount paid in the invoice app Step 11b-2: Check the amount to return from screen Step 11b-3: Open the desk drawer Step 11b-4: Add each note from the amount received in its respective slot Step 11b-5: Gather the amount to return to customer Step 11b-6: Close the drawer Step 11b-7: Return the money to the customer Step 11c: If the amount is equal to the amount Step 11c-1: Open the desk drawer Step 11c-2: Add each note from the amount received in its respective slot Step 11c-3: Close the desk drawer Step 12: If the customer pays through card then take the card Step 12a: Swipe the card through the

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