Indepence through my Switzerland student conference trip.

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Having to spend time away from the people you love and treasure for the first time is always a hard experience. For me, the time had finally arrived. Mixed emotions engulfed the air, and I felt my heart racing as I bid my parents goodbye. It was supposed to be a happy moment for me, but I could not help fighting back my tears as I made my way towards the airport security. Maybe, having a last glance at my parents would ease the tension, I thought to myself. But the looks on my parents’ faces made me realize that, in their eyes, I was still their little girl. I knew the trip would be a tough one for me since I would be away from home for two weeks in an entirely different country, completely clueless of what would await me. The only information I had was the fact that I would be working with other teens from all across the world to help in finding solutions to global problems. I dragged myself onto the plane and quietly took my seat. I fastened my seatbelt and watched Boston, the only home I’d ever known, become smaller and smaller as the plane departed for Switzerland. I found myself sitting in a lecture hall with two hundred other students all of whom I barely knew. I was nervous and scared as we eagerly waited for the instructor to show up. Some of the students seemed to be at ease with the whole setting as they engaged in deep tone conversations. At this point, I knew that the only way to identify with the other students would be to stay relaxed and comfortable. I decided to start up a conversation with the student who sat closest to me. She was friendly and understanding which made me feel at ease. As time went by, I began to realize how encouraging it was to

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