Increasing the number of job applicants in a company

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Increasing the number of job applicants in a company Rock Block is a company in the manufacturing industry for the past 60years. It deals in the furnishing of concrete blocks for the use of buildings and landscapes. The company has over 600 employees while its customer demand has continued to increase. However, a strain in the company's employment strategies has proven difficult to attract as well as employ new talent to satisfy the poking demand. According to Roy Hanby, the president, the industry within which the company operates is not quite popular, and one has to have a prior family experience in the industry to convince them of securing a potential job in Rock Block. Numerous strategies can be used to increase the number of job applicants to the company. Firstly, the identification of potential candidates in the industry is a critical step to recruit talent. There are numerous methods of identifying potential talent all which revolve around information technology. Searching databases, the internet can bring forth inherent advantages as opposed to other methods of sourcing potential job candidates. Following up as well as integrating internet searches into sourcing job candidates can dramatically impact the company's ability to find the right candidates in a short span of time. Realistic job previews also ought to contain a properly executed job description. Numerous employees are fond of posting incomprehensible descriptions of jobs that they are marketing. These barely explain what is entailed in working at given positions in the company. The moment job seekers experience a struggle to understand the roles to be carried out or the qualifications expected, the

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