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incident Dry Bulb Temperature section for 1% in July. The values for zh are found in table 4 of Handout 2 in the generating design day data section. The daily range (DR) is found in the ASHRAE design condition sheet in the Monthly Mean Daily Temperature Range section for July. The output of this formula is the hourly outdoor air dry bulb temperature (DBoa.h). Solar Angles To determine the solar altitude (β), the following formula is used: sinβ=cosLcosδcosH+sinLsinδ. The latitude (L) is given in the mini project handout. The solar declination angle (δ) is determined based on the time of year (n): δ=23.45sin⁡{360284+n365}, which is given in the project handout on July 21st. The hour...

incident that endangered a member. 16Which will give us instant feedback about scheduling your...

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