Inauguration speeches

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Inauguration speeches America has had a lot of presidents the number being 44 currently. All these presidents were inaugurated into the presidency, and all had opportunities to give speeches which mostly identified what they intended to do for the country. This paper is going to provide details how Franklin D. Roosevelt, in his 1st inauguration speech, Ronald Reagan, in his 2nd inauguration speech, and Barack Obama, in his 2nd inauguration speech, use American history and American ideals, such as freedom, liberty and rights, to support their vision of what direction they want to take the country and what they want to accomplish during their administration. Franklin D. Roosevelt served as Americas 32nd president from the year 1933 to 1945 when he passed away. He was elected as a president while serving as a governor of New York and he was the only president in the United States who has ever been elected into presidency four times. In his first inauguration speech, the president Franklin boldly exercised the right to freedom of expression where he emphasized on being frank about the conditions that faced the country to the citizens. During his speech, he urged the Americans to continue giving their efforts to support the country just as they had done during the times of other presidents. Roosevelt addressed the issue of banks exploiting the Americans, and he wanted the banking sector to be under strict regulation. It was the right of the Americans to have a stable currency and not a currency that was speculative in nature compared to what was happening in the past. This would give the people faith and motivation to work harder improving their earnings and savings as well.

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